Shadows Walking

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This 61 page compendium of personal experiences with the other side covers times in Australia, China, Ireland and Colombia.

"Old hospitals are full enough of spirits who never left but children's hospitals are sad places that ones so young should die before their time. My office was in the bowels of the building and had been an operating room. The main office had been the ambulance bay and the consultation rooms. An apparition of a little girl visited me often in my office and would run ahead of me in the hallway. She was small, thin, with bobbed hair and a fringe above brown sparkling eyes and a broad smile. Perhaps six or seven years old, she wore a white muslin nightie to her calves. The wind from running blew back her hair and nightie. She wore no shoes. Often, if I was concentrating, she would pop her head around the corner of the door, smiling and it would make me laugh."