Shadows Walking - e-book

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This 61 page compendium of personal experiences with the other side covers times in Australia, China, Ireland and Colombia.

"Confucius was born in Qufu and is buried there. His tomb is a place of veneration and is located in the Kong forests where you can walk through beautiful sprawling gardens and see the Kong family monuments and cemetery. In post-Mao China, in 1981, as a foreigner, I was an unusual sight to the people of Qufu which was then a small village. ... I stayed in the older Ming Dynasty section. The place was run-down and the gardens had been left to grow wild. ... It was winter and very cold. Snow fell the first night and floated into the room through the spaces between wall and floor. My feather quilts did the job and I slept well until I was awoken by the sound of footsteps and voices! Hazily, I woke to whispered voices and soft footsteps on the stones outside the door. I sat up in bed and saw in the space between the wall and floor, the feet of people passing, a light behind them to project the shadows. A flickering light as if the lantern were not a modern one. These were no ordinary feet passing by. I leapt out of bed and looked upside down to see who these people might be in such a solitary place at this time of night in such cold conditions! The feet were beautifully shoed, elaborate shoes of fine embroidery reminiscent of the late Ming Dynasty clothing (I knew my Chinese history and had studied many Ming and Qing paintings in the galleries of Shanghai and Beijing). But the feet were so small!"